Thursday, October 15, 2009

Most Noteable Led Zepplin Fan-Sites

Best Band of all time?

You decide, but here is a list of some of the most unique and praise worthy Led Zepplin fan-sites from people who think so. (Check out their official webpage too)

-no paticular order- Enjoy!!!

Alex Reisner's LED ZEPPELIN Site •
Site by Alex Reisner Web Site Design. Alex has put together a very thorough site with photos, guitar tab, lyrics and more.

Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page •
Buckeye starts out with a home page that's got over 100 links to other Zep sites. With nearly 2 million hits since 1997, this site has a lot of depth and content. • Led Zeppelin Fan Sites
Led Zeppelin Fan Sites: 68 links. Electric Magic Featuring exclusive rare photos, news, audio and video clips. fansites.html?Art=Led+Zeppelin&Aid=130 • Electric Magic
This award-winning site featuring latest news, exclusive rare photographs, multimedia (unreleased Led Zeppelin audio/video clips), articles, interviews, discography, lyrics, chat room, bios, and much more.
Electric Magic Site designed & maintained by Sam Rapallo. has complete MIDI files, complete Guitar, Bass, Mandolin & Keyboard tab, Audio Clips, Interviews, Concert Info, Photos and more. also runs The Ring of Zeppelin:

Led Zeppelin Live •
Stryder's got a nice site with plenty of info from Led Zeppelin's live performances over the years.

Led Zeppelin Music on Jango

Led Zeppelin Tablature from OLGA (the On Line Guitar Archive)
OLGA is a library of files that show you how to play songs on guitar. The files come from other internet guitar enthusiasts who took the time to write down chords or tablature and send them to the archive or to the newsgroups and Since they come from amateur contributors, the files vary greatly in quality, but they should all give you somewhere to start in trying to play your favorite tunes. • Led Zeppelin Main
Check out Rolling Stone's Zeppelin page. It's got one pop-up and probably the least content of any site on this links page, but hey, it is Rolling Stone.

Tight But Loose - The Led Zeppelin Magazine •
The premier Led Zeppelin news and reviews web site. The Led Zeppelin / Plant-Page-Jones news and information service based in the UK and run by Dave Lewis since 1995.
Alternet TBL link:

Ultimate Led Zeppelin Index (directory of Led Zep sites) •
A good, raw MASSIVE directory of Web sites. Last upated Novemeber 2001